Olympic & Mount Rainier National Parks

We flew to northwestern United States to visit Seattle, Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park. I consider this trip to be very special because both my dad and my sister were able to join Angelina and I in this trip. This is my sister’s first trip to United States and the third for dad. We spent four days in visiting Seattle area, three days in Olympic NP and three days in Mount Rainier NP.

People in Seattle are very friendly. I was able to meet and chat with virtually anyone I came across. The weather in Seattle was very nice too. In fact, it only drizzled one time, and we took that opportunity to seep some coffee at Espresso Vivace, which is dubbed as one of the best coffee shop in Seattle from the internet. The food over there? Muy Excellente! We had great sushi, oysters, salmons, Malaysian food and one of the best Thai food at University of Washington area.

We did plenty of trail hiking in both Olympic NP and Mount Rainier NP. Both national parks have their own uniqueness. Olympic NP has one of the weirdest weather where it can be really cold at some places and warm at other places. The rain forest is nothing I have ever seen before. As of Mt Rainier NP, half of the park was still closed when we were there. It was due to the major flood early this year and most roads/trails were damaged. Virtually all hiking trails at high elevation areas, like Paradise and Sunrise, were covered in snow. Nevertheless, we managed to find good times in the park. We hiked about 5 to 10 miles for several hours each day.

Fresh seafood at Pike Place Market.
Olympic National Park
Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.
Our cabin, located right beside Pacific Ocean.
Hiking on snow in Mount Rainier National Park.

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