• Duncan’s One-Year Old Birthday

    Duncan’s One-Year Old Birthday

    We were invited to celebrate Duncan’s one-year old birthday. The party was initially scheduled to be held at the west playground of Soldiers Field, but the location was changed to O’Neill’s Pizza Pub at the eleventh hour because the weather wasn’t too cooperating at that time. My job in this party was pretty simple: eat… Read more…

  • Fourth of July Fireworks

    Fourth of July Fireworks

    After playing a couple of tennis games at Soldier’s Field, we decided to join the crowd by the Silver Lake to watch the fireworks. Even though we live only several minutes away from the lake, this was our first time having the motivation to actually walk over there to watch the fireworks display. By the… Read more…

  • Olympic & Mount Rainier National Parks

    Olympic & Mount Rainier National Parks

    We flew to northwestern United States to visit Seattle, Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park. I consider this trip to be very special because both my dad and my sister were able to join Angelina and I in this trip. This is my sister’s first trip to United States and the third for… Read more…