Duncan’s One-Year Old Birthday

We were invited to celebrate Duncan’s one-year old birthday. The party was initially scheduled to be held at the west playground of Soldiers Field, but the location was changed to O’Neill’s Pizza Pub at the eleventh hour because the weather wasn’t too cooperating at that time.

My job in this party was pretty simple: eat and photograph the birthday event. It was actually a little tricky to photograph in the reserved room because of the large mirrors on two sides of the walls. While the mirrors help to increase the ambiance and the lightings of the room, the last thing I need is to have a reflection of me on every photo I take. That would make me the second most important person besides Duncan in this event.

The party went smoothly and Duncan was pretty well behaved, considering the fact he was not annoyed by the camera flashes. The O’Neill’s Pizza Pub employees were generous enough to present Duncan an ice-cream, a birthday song and a free pizza toss, and they helped to make this event even more special. Somehow, Duncan wasn’t too interested in the pizza toss. He was more interested in eating it rather than making it. So, Duncan’s not probably going to be a pizza maker anytime soon.

Happy Birthday, Duncan!

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