Rock Band & Guitar Hero 3

With temperature dipping below zero, Corey generously invited us to hang out at his house after a “long hard” work on Friday. It was a good moment for me to enjoy my precious free time before the school semester begins the following week. Our initial plan was to relax at his place from 5 pm to 7 pm, playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 while eating Green Mill pizzas and drinking beer… and then, head to the ice skating rink by 7 pm. However, we didn’t make it to the rink because both Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 are way too addictive. Our eyes were frequently glued to the large screen on the wall, watching the notes streaming down the frets while listening to awesome rock songs. Further, I don’t think anyone had the right state of mind to skate after consuming considerable amount of Wisconsin booze.

We began with Rock Band, which is equipped with a drum set, guitars and mic… no one sang because we were all shy puppies. We played so hard until the disc became unreadable by XBox. So, we switched to Guitar Hero 3. We were all mesmerized by how good Corey and Mo played; they took on expert level like peanuts. Meanwhile, Liz and Gina bought a “Peanut Butter Playground” cake from Cold Stone Creamery… the night just seemed to get better. Angelina and I left by 9:30 pm while the rest of the folks carried on with Texas Hold’Em.

Overall, these so-called “team-building” activities are just plain awesome. In fact, my work division shall see at least 30% increases in work productivity from us in coming weeks… after we all get sobered up.

Rock Band
Rock band in session.

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