Jenny’s Baby Shower

As our San Antonio flight touched down in Rochester on Friday noon, we drove up to Andy and Jenny’s place a few hours later to attend the baby shower event on the following day. Since Angelina was the official event coordinator, I was also technically invited as the event photographer. Truthfully, this was my first time attending a baby shower, and first time photographing this type of event. That being said, I have heard more stuff than I really need to know at this moment. 🙂

While I was busy working on my programming assignments late Friday night and early Saturday morning, Angelina had been busy in setting up the baby shower games and helping Jenny to prepare the food. The overall event was fun and entertaining, with ~20 visitors showed up (for the food). I have posted half of the photos I took from this event in this album. To see more or to obtain the high resolution photos, please notify Jenny instead.

baby shower
Childhood friends.

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