Richard Yi-Ern Law (Part 2)

We spent the whole weekend at Andy and Jenny’s place after the graduation, hoping to visit Albertville Premium Outlets to get new running shoes. Since it was raining the whole Saturday and the outlet mall doesn’t have stores that sell the shoe brand I want, we ended up visiting the nearby Sports Authority to get the shoes. Angelina and I each bought a pair of Asics Kayano-14 for ~$120 each, which is supposed to be better than the crappy Nike shoes we have been wearing all these times. Besides, I have already logged at least 400 miles on my existing Nike shoes, and the doctor’s recommendation is to change the running shoes every 300 miles.

Since it rained the whole day, I spent my late afternoon drinking coffee while photographing Andy/Jenny’s baby to past my time. Richard is now 2-week-old, and he’d manage to open his eyes a few times during the photo shoot. For some reasons, all 8 AA batteries for my external flash were fully drained. I must not have charged them previous nights… lazy bum. Thankfully, I managed to capture a few good shots.

Mom and son.

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