Niagara Cave

While we have been living in Minnesota for 9 years now, we have never visited the Niagara Cave, which is rated one of the top ten caves in United States (or that’s what the website claims). So, on a nice splendid Saturday morning, exactly 2 months prior to my birthday, we decided to drive an hour from Rochester to Harmony to visit this cave and judge it ourselves.

The Niagara Cave is a limestone cave, and its formation is different from the other caves we have been to in the past. This cave has many long and narrow passages… probably not suitable for claustrophobic visitors. In a few occasions, I could really feel the walls are closing on me… like the Indiana Jones’ movie, and unlike that movie, Harrison Ford didn’t come and rescue me. I also had trouble squeezing my tripod-mounted camera through certain narrow passages. Somehow, I made it through unscathed… even the Geico’s cavemen could do it. A few of these passages somewhat resemble the walls of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona… one of my many places to visit before I become more and more irrational. The Niagara Cave has very few stalactites, and I didn’t recall seeing any stalagmites… perhaps, I was blind as a bat(man) or maybe I wasn’t paying attention to the tour guide. 🙂 This cave has a 60-foot tall waterfall, albeit the fall’s view is somewhat obstructed. Further, there is no access the foot of the waterfall, unlike what I have seen in some photos.

Niagara Cave
Narrow passage in Niagara Cave.

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