Richard’s One-Year Old Birthday

We spent the whole weekend at Andy and Jenny’s place to help them in organizing Richard’s one year old birthday event. A lot of food were prepared and a lot of effort were put in to make this a successful event. I had tried in vain to persuade Jenny to buy a separate cake so that we could smack Richard’s face on the cake. Of course, everyone now thinks I’m such a bad uncle. I still think it would be very hilarious and that we could show Richard the photos one day how he got punk’d when he turned one.

There were a lot of guests attended the birthday event on Saturday. Richard has the most presents for a year old birthday toddler… just unbelievable. He could open a Toys-For-Rent store if he really wants to. I wouldn’t be sure if he was aware that we were celebrating his birthday. After all, he was probably wondering why there were so many folks in the house.

In the evening, we babysat Richard while his parents were out of the house. As the Prince of the day, he got to watch Barney on a high definition TV from his high chair while being spoon-fed by Angelina. It was a long exhausting weekend, yet an exciting one too. Of course, Jenny was gracious enough to treat us with dim sum for lunch before we headed back home on Sunday. This album contains half of the overall photos taken during the weekend.

Richard entourage.
Playing with my lens.

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