Strawberry Picking and Dragon Boat Race

We spent a weekend at Andy and Jenny’s place, hoping to do some strawberry picking and attend the Dragon Festival, which showcases the cultural heritage of the local Asian Pacific Islander communities.

Richard is one year old now and he can walk on his own, albeit a little clumsy. At times, it seems like his knees buckled and he fell on his butt, then looked around in his confused face on whether to cry or not. He seems to be a book nerd. With so many of his toys around, he would constantly pick up a book, flip it, point at the pictures and speak a language that is only comprehensible to him. I also think Richard is currently on the “heavy” side, and he might want to do some workout at home.

On Saturday, we did our strawberry picking at Afton Apple Orchard, Hasting. We were glad to at least made it there because the strawberry picking season ended that week itself. There were lots of tasty strawberries and they were pretty cheap compared to the ones sold in the grocery markets. On Sunday, we headed to the Dragon Festival at Phalen Lake Park, St Paul, to watch the dragon boat race. There were about 25 participating companies from Twin Cities and Andy represented his company, Best Buy, in the race.

We somehow ate several different types of food while we were up in cities this time. We had Cambodian, Szechuan, Korean and Western dishes… awesome food.

Strawberry Picking
Strawberry picking at Afton Apple Orchard, Hasting.
Dragon boat race in Phalen Lake Park.

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