Oxbow Park & SPAM Museum

We decided to spend our morning at the Oxbow Park to visit the zoo. While the zoo is fairly small, there are a few variety of wild animals, such as coyotes, a bear and a cougar. The bird exhibit is pretty impressive where we could see REALLY big eagles, hawk and owls. Although most of the animals were rather lazy and tired looking, many kids and toddlers took the opportunity to get acquainted with the animals by petting and feeding them with dried leaves.

We left for Austin at noon, which is about half hour away drive from the Oxbow Park. We had our lunch there before heading to the SPAM museum. It’s amazing to see a museum dedicated to this particular brand of luncheon meat. I must admit that I love SPAM. They go well with everything. There is no entrance fee for this museum. This museum is pretty informative and interesting. There are many types of SPAM products that we don’t see at the local stores, such as Garlic-flavored SPAM or Cheese-flavored SPAM, and they are actually sold at the gift shop… pretty weird.

Oxbow Park
Bald eagle in Oxbow Park.
SPAM Museum in Austin.

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