Las Vegas

During sis’ short stay in the states, we proceeded with our plan to visit Las Vegas for a long weekend. Although my wife and I have been there several times, this would be our last visit to Vegas until many years to come. We had a surprise guest, Jenny’s mom, joining us in this trip at the very last minute so that she could see more places before departing home a few weeks later. The entire experience was “something”, but it wasn’t anything that we didn’t initially foresee. Granted, it is always a challenge to have anyone following our trips because our vacation schedules are usually very taxing.

All that being said, this trip turned out to be quite a memorable one. I promised sis that we would cover “all” major attractions in Las Vegas, which is impossible to begin with, but at least we did manage to visit the ones we wanted to see over there. We spent half a day at the Hoover Dam, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the Industrial World. We did the Power Plant Tour, but the tour wasn’t that interesting. That said, it is a tour about the power plant, not the DisneyWorld… so, that should ring a big bell.

In Las Vegas, we practically walk from the morning to past midnight everyday. When it got hot during the day, it got REALLY hot, yet we proceeded with our walks as if the sun wasn’t there. It wasn’t too bad at all compared to some of our past hiking trips. We had my wife accompanying Jenny’s mom back to the hotel every late night so that she could get her early rest first while sis and I loitered around the strip to enjoy the beautiful night view until way past midnight. It was pretty funny that Jenny’s mom kept indicating that I was very tired, hoping that we would take a taxi back to the hotel soon, yet in my mind, I really wanted to keep walking just “a little further” to see what other “interesting” things ahead of us.

We watched two shows in Vegas this time: Mystere by Cirque de Soleil and Phantom of the Opera. Mystere was very good, considering the fact we got a great discount for the tickets. Besides, anything by Cirque de Soleil is usually good. The Phantom of the Opera was outstanding! My wife and I actually watched this play before in Minneapolis, but this is truly one of the best shows in Las Vegas in our honest opinion. Love the play, love the songs, love the effects, love everything about it. In fact, we might watch the Phantom of the Opera again the next time we visit Las Vegas in the future. It is THAT good.

In the end, we hope this Vegas trip made a positive impression to first-time visitors like sis and Jenny’s mom, minus all the leg-breaking walks, heavy secondhand smokes, scantily clad ladies, porno advertisements and rowdy folks carrying booze on the streets. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Hoover Dam Power Plant tour.
Las Vegas
Laser show at Fremont Street.
Botanical Gardens at Bellagio Hotel.
Phantom of the Opera at Venetian Hotel.
Evening view at Venetian Hotel.

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