Babysitting Richard

We headed up to the cities for a long weekend to babysit Richard while his parents are not at home. No one was exactly sure how Richard would react the following morning. After sending Andy and his mom to the airport on an early Saturday morning, I decided to catch up on my sleep. We brought Richard to the Minnesota Children’s Museum in St Paul to kill a few hours. He had a blast there. In the evening, we brought him to the nearby playground. Richard has a pretty impressive vocabulary for a toddler his age, and he seems to be juggling both Mandarin and English languages well. His favorite English words are: Thomas, Baby Thomas, Percy, Police Car, Fire Truck, Dump Truck, and “WaterLemon”.

Our initial plan was to bring him to the Como Zoo on Sunday morning, but the weather wasn’t too cooperating. So, we brought him to do some grocery shopping at the nearby supermarket. Somehow, Richard had the tendency to complain that I drive too fast even though I drove well below the speed limit. Weird. On Monday evening, we picked Jenny up from the airport and Richard seemed stunned to see his mom sitting beside him in the car. That shut him up for a good 10 to 15 minutes right there.

That said, Richard was pretty obedient for that entire weekend. It was fairly surprising that he never asked for his parents, not even once. It was a long and tiring weekend for us, but it is safe for us to say that we have accomplished our part with flying colors.

Playing soccer at backyard.

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