Uncle Ping’s Garden

We spent our afternoon at Uncle Ping’s garden, which is located about 15 minutes away from Sarikei. Upon our arrival, Uncle Ping graciously served us fresh coconut drinks. We also had a few tasty pamelos. We wandered around the pepper farm under the hot sun. At some point of time, Angelina and her cousins helped Uncle Ping to sweep the black peppers, which were left to dry on some large platforms, into the bags. Harvesting black peppers is truly a backbreaking job. After bagging the black peppers, we spent the rest of our afternoon fishing at the nearby pond. It was truly a priceless experience to hear the laughter and to see that everyone had such a great time, trying to catch as many fish as possible… and all we needed was some wooden poles and worms dug from the ground.

Uncle Ping at work.
Fishing by novices can be dangerous.
Fishing fun.

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