We flew back to Angelina’s hometown in Sarikei to celebrate her grandma’s big 9-0 birthday. Her actual birthday was later this year but was move up to allow everyone to celebrate both her birthday and Chinese New Year at the same time. It was a huge deal with several long distance relatives from China and Hong Kong coming for the first time to attend this twin celebration.

Celebrating Chinese New Year at home is always very special and rare for us. This is the time of the year where most of us hit the pause button from our busy lives, head back to our old timeless hometown and celebrate the new year with the loved ones. This caption-free album hopes to capture the smiles and laughters from everyone, the candid interactions, the ever expanding dad-in-law’s garden, and the unique dishes and fruits we had.

The entourage. A truly rare opportunity to have almost all family members and relatives from around the world in one picture.
Celebrating grandma’s 90th birthday. A very eventful night with lots of people, great food and stage performances by family members.
Angelina meets her 5-year-old nephew, Nicholas, in person for the first time, and interestingly enough, they get along like best friends right away.

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