Camping in St Croix State Park

Our first ever camping trip in the United States. We tagged along with some friends to camp in St Croix State Park: two nights, two campgrounds, four families, eight adults, five kids, one beagle. Each family was responsible to cook one meal (breakfast or dinner) for everyone and all of us brought and cooked way more food than needed. Due to the crummy weather, we departed earlier from home to do some hikes in the park before arriving at the campground. Although it rained heavily the whole Saturday, we still managed to complete a 6-mile hike wearing our raincoats.

St Croix State Park is the largest Minnesota state park. It takes about half hour to get from the campground to one of the trails by Kettle River. The most surprising (and pleasant) part of our camping trip is this state park has very clean and modern individual shower rooms equipped with hot water.

We survived our first camping trip with flying colors. The wet and cool weekend didn’t dampen our spirit with the temperature hovering between 50F and 65F. We consumed luxury meals (BBQ chicken, grilled pork chop, hot pot, American breakfast), hung out with good friends and at the same time, made new friends.

Our wet campgrounds.
Early sign of fall colors in Minnesota… a view from the top of 100-foot fire tower.
The weird bunch.
Places covered in the St Croix State Park.

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