Andrew & Jenna’s Baby Gender Reveal Party

We were invited to help capture the scenes during Andrew and Jenna’s baby gender reveal party. I was initially told to attend a “sex” party at a given date. Immediately, heartbeats increased… interest piqued… thoughts gone wild. Never ever I was invited to a sex party. Then, some further clarifications from Kurt… Oh… the John Wick’s “Oh” moment.

One of our main responsibilities is to 1) read the baby gender card given by Jenna’s doctor, 2) fill the big balloon with the correct color of confetti and 3) not reveal the baby gender to anyone else. I contemplated on pulling a Steve Harvey by putting the wrong color of confetti, or even better, mixing both colors of confetti in the balloon, but I also didn’t want to get chased down the street by the angry crowd with pitchforks and torches.

After a short ceremony of T-shirt giveaway by Rick and Jane, we had a great early lunch with lots of delicious dishes. Then, all of us moved to the open backyard to join the balloon popping event. The balloon popped… the crowd went wild… the photographer self doubted whether he got the moment shots or not.

Andrew and Jenna, big congrats to you guys!

The “quality sleep” countdown begins now… T minus 5 months…

Baby Gender Reveal Party
The entourage.

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