Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier

Named after a French navigator who discovered Canada, Jacques-Cartier, Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is located about 45 minutes drive from Québec City. This national park is located in the Laurentian Mountains that contains several glacial landforms. It is home to one of Québec’s most spectacular glacial valleys, the Jacques-Cartier valley.

Just like our visit to Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, due to the unseasonable long winter, it was still too early in the season to hike. Our initial plan was to spend the whole day hiking the 6.8 miles Les Loups trail, but it was still closed due to snow. The park warden recommended 2 shorter trails for us to hike, so we hiked the 2.5 miles Les Cascades trail and part of the 6.5 miles Les Coulées trail. With the temperature hovering between 33F and 48F, it was the coldest throughout our 12-day trip. We hiked until 3:30 PM when it started to drizzle.

Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier
The snowbound Les Cascades trail.
Overlooking Rivière Jacques-Cartier, we soaked up the sun’s warmth as much as possible on this cloudy and cold day.
Foie gras cuit sous vide… one of the most interesting and flavorful dishes we had in our 12-day trip.
Places we covered in this album.
The gray lines represents our 12-day trip in Canada. The red lines represents places we covered in this album.

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