Richard Yi-Ern Law (Part 3)

We spent a long weekend at Jenny’s place to become Richard’s unlicensed babysitters while Andy was out of town. Richard is currently 3-month old, and he is obviously more energetic now, speaking (or complaining) way more than before in his incomprehensible baby language to us. Being a babysitter was a lot of work for me: I was a baby carrier, a stroller pusher, a car driver and a baby photographer. He was probably most entertained with the children songs sang by Angelina and he was pretty mesmerized by the glowing Apple logo on my Mac Book Pro… there you go, I just converted you to a big Apple fan.

During that weekend, I taught Richard how to depress the spacebar key on my external Apple keyboard and he nearly wiped out a chunk of my production code at one point of time. In fact, he was so good that he sat on my left leg, depressing spacebar on any monsters appearing on the screen while I navigated my Diablo RPG character around with my right handed mouse… pretty spiffy.

Richard Law.

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