The McGlones

Corey and Liz invited us to their place to photograph Conor, who is going to be 6 months old soon. It was a pleasant surprise to have Liz’s parents to join us in this photo shoot. Conor was pretty well behaved considering the fact we spent an hour and half taking photos.

Conor seemed to be really into this “Guitar Hero” thing, like his dad. Once we threw a guitar on him, he was in the zone and never bother looking at the camera anymore. In fact, Conor could impersonate Jimi Hendrix’s teeth solo and drool all over the guitar. Heck, if we pass him a matchstick, he could even light up the guitar like Jimi. We also realized that Conor responded positively to the word “touchdown”, used by his grandpa in an attempt to make him smile. That being said, Corey’s neighbors probably wondered why there were so many TOUCHDOOOOOWN cheers when in fact the football season has yet officially begun.

As for me, the best part of this photo shoot is we got two jars of awesome homemade salsa from Corey and Liz before we left. The salsa was so good that we nearly finished them all in less than two days. The web album consists of roughly half of the overall photos taken.


The McGlones
Conor McGlone.
Like father like son.

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