The Ruuds and The Hookom-Olsons

After an 80-piece sushi feast and Sake drinking with Corey’s and Kurt’s families on the previous evening, we headed to Kari’s place in the Sunday afternoon to do some photo shoots for her family and Tara’s family. Although the weather looked a little gloomy and cloudy in Rochester, it was nice and sunny at her place.

Dalton is now 5-month old. He was surprisingly in good mood most of the time, apart from the incident where he accidentally knocked his head on the mini windmill (heh). Dalton’s trigger word is TRRR with the repeating and rolling Rs. To get his attention, just say that magic word in one really long breath… and KAZAAM!, he will smile in return… it’s that easy.

This year’s fall colors peak seems late… most trees along the Zumbro lake are still green in color. Nevertheless, there are plenty of nice sceneries at the surrounding area. Our day ended with a short boat ride where Captain Dalton graciously navigated the boat… get him an eye patch and he will be Captain “Pirate” Dalton… ARRR!

The Ruuds.
The Ruuds.
The Hookom-Olsons.

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