Fall Colors in Southeastern Minnesota

We got a little adventurous on the weekend and decided to drive around southeastern Minnesota in search of beautiful fall colors. Sad to say, while we have spent 10 years of our lifes in Minnesota, we have yet visited many nearby small towns and such. One of my coworkers kept teasing me that I have been living under a rock. At least, I’m now proud to say that I’m living “somewhat” outside of the rock… yay!

We initially planned to spend some time in Winona on Saturday morning, but by the time we arrived there, the surrounding area was covered by a dense fog. So, we switched to Plan B and visited Lanesboro and the nearby towns first. On Sunday, we went hiking in Great River Bluffs State Park before stopping by in Winona for lunch. Since I lived in Winona for several years, I was several fond memories of this place… such as roller-blading around the Winona Lake, or roller-blading and crashing onto some poor kids who couldn’t decide whether to peddle the tricycles on the left lane or right lane. By the way, the gas price in Winona was really cheap and we made sure to fill up the gas before heading back home.

While some places have past the peak of fall colors, we managed to capture some spectacular scenery in Great River Bluffs State Park. The hiking trails are fairly short and flat… so, we spent the whole morning covering most of the trails.

Fall Colors
Fall colors in Great River Bluffs State Park.

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