Devil’s Lake State Park

First, a quick shout out to Joe and Ann… Congratulations on your marriage! Like Kurt always tell me… you guys will always be my heroes. 🙂

Several of us attended Joe and Ann’s wedding and reception in Wisconsin on Saturday. The wedding was held in a church in Portage while the reception was held in an awesome restaurant in Wisconsin Dells. Somehow, Joe introduced me to his mom as “The Taco Salad” guy… at least, he didn’t say I was selling Taco Salad in the cafeteria. I could only imagine what his mom thinks we actually do at work besides eating. The reception dinner was really awesome even though I still find it hard to believe that Joe and Ann actually fed everyone with half a chicken on every plate. By the way, our dinner table was the only table with Wisconsin cheese curds. Corey was kind enough to buy me a bag of authentic “squeek-free” Wisconsin cheese curds. To past my time during the reception, I made monkey faces at Conor in attempt to make him cry… heh… what a role model for this kid.

While some of us left for home right after the dinner, Angelina and I spent a night in Wisconsin Dells so that we could visit the nearby Devil’s Lake State Park. This state park is reported to be the most visited state park in Wisconsin. The scenery is just spectacular, even more spectacular now with fall color. The morning hike was terribly cold. Since we hiked up the rocky, steep and strenuous trails that are not blanketed by tall trees, the strong wind was sometimes unbearably wild and nearly threw us off balance on a few occasions. By the time we left the park, it became really cloudy and when we drove across the Minnesota border, it began to snow heavily… yep, first snow day of the year (I think).

By the way, this album doesn’t have any wedding pictures of Joe and Ann. I was too tired to take pictures after a long drive… so, yeah….

Devil's Lake State Park
Devil’s Lake State Park.

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