Richard “Baby Skunk” Yi-Ern Law (Part 4)

We were invited to Andy and Jenny’s place to take some pictures of Richard in his Halloween skunk suit… that’s right, a skunk suit. Thankfully, this suit didn’t have the skunk odor. I was initially lazy to drive up to cities looking the fact that we have been spending many weekends outside… but the lure to feast at a sushi buffet was just too strong.

This weekend’s weather was surprisingly good…. nice warm and sunny. We spent several hours taking photos inside the house and at the backyard. We initially plan to visit the nearby Como Park, but Richard passed out in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the photos taken at the backyard turned out rather good.

In the evening, we headed to a sushi restaurant in Woodbury for dinner. The sushi buffet was really awesome and we had unimaginable amount of fresh raw fishes, sushi rolls, tempuras and many other weird stuff… one of the best and cheapest sushi we have ever had in Minnesota. Four of us probably consumed at least $200 to $300 worth of sushi that evening… if we come back frequently, this restaurant will file for bankruptcy soon.

Richard Law in skunk costume.

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