Marie’s 50th “Surprise” Birthday Party

We were invited by Marie’s daughter to Marie’s 50th “Surprise” birthday party.. pretty honored to attend this event actually. However, we missed the “surprise” moment by arriving at her place just a few minutes late… so, SURPRISE!! Marie, are you surprised? If not, please read on.

It has been good to see Marie in person, and she seems healthier and more cheerful than before. The guests came pouring in fast and in just minutes, the house and the garage were packed with people. I ended up yelling at pretty much everyone I spoke to because it got really loud in the house. SURPRISE!! Are you surprised this time, Marie?? A lot of food was prepared for the dinner and the “BBQ on the bun” was tasty. Finally, Roger carried the huge birthday cake out precisely at 6:44 PM and 44 seconds (or at least that’s the time captured by my camera). Awesome carrot cake, by the way.

Great hospitality, great food, great event. Happy 50th birthday, Marie!

Cake cutting ceremony by Marie.

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