The Kangaroo Boy

We spent our weekend at Jenny and Andy’s place to help them to photograph Richard in a kangaroo suit. Richard is a big toddler now. He is able to address us as “Yi-Yi” and “Shu-Shu” (Aunt and Uncle in Mandarin). Richard can only move in two speeds: run and stop. When he runs, he will most likely be tumbling down and cry, then he will get up a few minutes later to repeat the same process again and again,.. pretty interesting. We took some photos in Como Park on a gorgeous Saturday morning before heading to the Albertville Outlet Mall in the afternoon.

It seems like we have been consuming a lot of food each time we go to the cities. This time, we had Korean food, Chinese food and Thai food. I gained a couple of pounds, but it was worth it. 🙂

Kangaroo Boy
Kangaroo boy.
Family photo.

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