Conor’s 2-year-Old Birthday

We visited Corey and Liz’s new house to attend Conor’s 2-year-old birthday party. Conor’s actual birthday was on the previous day, but Corey and Liz figured it was more convenient and appropriate for party-crashers like us to bring their new house down (literally) on the weekend.

The birthday theme was all about “Toy Story”: cake, balloon, presents, and tablecloth, etc. In fact, we were all watching Toy Story movie in HD. Quite a few guests showed up. The food was awesome: the ham, the broccoli salad and Conor’s favorite, mac and cheese. Come to think about, I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I was too busy eating.

The kids probably had the most fun during the “present opening” session. It almost felt like the Christmas day once again, and I wondered if these kids even realized these presents were not for them. Once the presents were unwrapped by Conor, all the kids took turn to play Conor’s new toys as if those were their presents.

Excellent food, excellent atmosphere, it was nice to meet Mardi and Ron again. Last but not least, happy birthday, little man!

Conor’s entourage.

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