Keith Yi-Jie Law

We spent our weekend at Andy/Jenny’s place to welcome their second child, Keith Yi-Jie Law (born on March 24, weighing 6lbs 15oz). Although we were there to babysit Richard and to help out with some housework, I’m not quite sure whether we were really giving them any helping hands or causing more work for them. All I remember is Jenny’s mom was busy cooking and we were busy eating the entire time.

It was really a last minute plan for us to head up to cities, and I decided to set up a makeshift studio in their house to experiment with directional lighting and to do some family shots for them. So, we scrambled to a fabric store to buy a big black fabric and a big white fabric. Then, we bought a few mini clamps to hold the fabric on the curtain bar and a screw to mount the flash hot shoe to my tripod. The entire poor man’s studio setup cost less than $70… pretty economical. The 2-hour photo shoot went well, and the shots turned out rather good, considering the fact that I basically had no preparation for this studio-like photo shoot. Richard and Keith were pretty cooperating most of the times throughout the night. At some point of time, my wife had to distract Richard to allow me to squeeze a few more shots of his parents and the baby.

Dad and son.
Mom and son.
Brotherly love.

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