The Green Dragon and Ricky Bobby

We were invited over to Andy and Jenny’s place for the weekend to do their yearly family photos. Richard is about two-and-half-year old and Keith is about seven-month old. Keith took about half day to get comfortable with us since he hasn’t really seen us a lot. Richard was way too comfortable with us that I always ended up bullying him. Way to go, big uncle.

Trying to photograph two toddlers in one picture was tough enough… one crawled everywhere and another ran everywhere. Keith is one big crawler, and he doesn’t make much noise, more like a silent ninja. Both brothers tried many different outfits, including their Halloween costumes. We were just thankful the weather were warm enough for them to be outside without wearing too many layers of clothes.

Carrying a big lens and laying my belly on the ground to take pictures is one hard work, to say the least. I’m just glad the pictures turned out the way I wanted.

Ricky Bobby
If you ain’t first, you’re last.
Keith the Green Dragon.
Keith the Skunk.
Family photo.

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