Hanging Out in the Winter

We decided to host a small get-together with our usual buddies to kill our weekend in the cold winter. We prepared nine “authentic” Chinese dishes for dinner since most folks have only tried the nasty and greasy Americanized Chinese dishes in their lives. By the way, guacamole and broccoli salad are technically not Chinese dishes, but they were prepared by the Chinese folks… so, whatever. It took us two full days to prepare and cook all dishes with incredible amount of ingredients.

Kurt and Corey brought boatload of wines and beers while Joe brought us a four-TV-tray set, which is pretty awesome. In the end, I think everyone was fully fed. We actually toned down the dishes this time. Next time, we will do more adventurous dishes, like nasi lemak, beef rendang, chicken curry and dishes that cannot be pronounced in English.

Winter get together
From left: Anhui Ann, Teriyaki Hannah, Kung Pao Joe, General Tsao Corey, Lo Mein Liz, Moo Shu Conor, Sweet and Sour Kurt, Ginger Beef Gina, Sichuan Katlynn, and us. By the way, Kung Pao Joe came up with half of the name. Blame him.

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