The Angry Birds Family

We headed up to the cities to help Andy and Jenny to photograph their family in the Halloween costumes. Their Halloween theme for this year is Angry Birds where Jenny made four impressive costumes herself.

We drove to the Midtown Greenway to take some family photos after having lunch in Minneapolis. The Midtown Greenway is a rail trail that provides a virtually traffic-free route across the city for the cyclists and the pedestrians. We didn’t spend long there as the kids had trouble coping with the cold weather.

After the kids had their afternoon naps, everyone donned the Angry Bird costumes and we took more photos in the backyard. Keith was rather crabby due to lack of sleep but he seemed to enjoy watching everyone in costumes running around from the distance. We did the whole reenactment of the Angry Birds story where the Pig steals the eggs, the Birds get angry and attack the Pig. It was pretty funny and entertaining.

Angry Birds
The Pig steals the eggs and the Birds get angry.
The Pig gets away with the eggs.
The Angry Birds prepare to launch an attack.
The Angry Birds attack and the Pig goes flying.
The Yellow Bird and the Black Bird celebrate after decapitating the Pig while the Red Bird cries in horror… THE END.

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