From Kuching, we flew to Sibu and headed to Angelina’s hometown in Sarikei, a city that is famed for its pineapples and its pepper. We were given a warm welcome by Angelina’s parents and her relatives upon our arrival. Aunt Hung graciously provided both accommodation and transportation throughout our stay in Sarikei.

We had a fairly consistent routine during our trip. Most of the weekday mornings, I drove Aunt Hung’s new vehicle and dropped her off at work before heading to Angelina’s parents’ place. From there, we walked with Angelina’s mom and possibly other relatives to the nearby park for our daily morning walks. Then, Angelina’s dad joined us for breakfast at the coffee shop. After loitering around the downtown area, we headed home to rest while Angelina headed to her parents’ place. In the evening, we hung out at her parents’ place for dinner. It was a very relaxing and laid-back experience in Sarikei. The local food and fruit were great. That said, we spent a lot of time eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Saying goodbye on our final day was difficult. It was a rather emotional moment for everyone. We said “the-things-that-needed-to-be-said” to one another before departing, the correct “goodbye protocol” I would say… but in reality, everyone was fully aware that we will not be back anytime soon. When we come back again, it will be another few years later. That said, we quickly learn not to take anything for granted and try to cherish every moment when possible.

Our morning walk at Taman Tasik Sarikei.
Fruit bats… they were tasty!
A surprise joint birthday celebration for Aunt Roseling and dad.
A wacky group photo with grandma.
Crazy kids.

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