As we embarked on our journey to Angelina’s hometown, we spent our first two days in Kuching, also known as the “Cat City”. It was my first trip to this city. Jenny and Kieran were incredibly gracious to be our drivers and our tour guides throughout our entire stay there.

Kuching is a rather laid back city, everything seems to be moving at a slower pace. It is also a very interesting place with rich history and culture. We ate lots of great local food, such as kuey chap, kolo mee, cangkuk manis, Hainanese chicken rice, midin and many more. Apart from the local attractions around our hotel, we also visited the Jong’s Crocodile Farm, the largest and the only crocodile breeding farm in Malaysia.

We truly had a blast during our stay in Kuching, all thanks to Jenny and Kieran.

Jenny and Kieran. Best hosts… ever.
Our incredible 5-star hotel room.
Jumping crocodiles at Jong’s Crocodile Farm.
The beautiful Waterfront.

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