Lake Louise State Park

On Labor Day, we made an impromptu trip to Lake Louise State Park in Le Roy. This was our first time visiting this state park, which is only a 6-minute drive away from the Minnesota-Iowa border. This state park is the site of Minnesota’s oldest, continuous recreation area.

Although it began to drizzle when we started our half hour drive, we decided to chance it and hoped for the best. The park office was closed during this public holiday but the state park itself was accessible to the public. There were several families BBQ’ing at the picnic area. We did 2 short hikes: a 1.5-mile Wildwood Loop for an hour and the 2.5-mile Lake View Trail for 1.5 hours. Unlike most Minnesota state parks, the trails in this state park are not well marked, but we managed to figure our way around in this quiet park.

Lake Louise State Park
The aesthetically pleasing red barn.
Slanted trees.
Tallgrass prairie.
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