Sakatah Lake State Park

We continue our adventure to visit a nearby state park that we haven’t been to, and this time, we visited Sakatah Lake State Park in Waterville. It took a little more than an hour drive to get there.

The entire day was cloudy and windless, but it was chilly with the temperature hovering around mid 60s. We hiked 3.5 miles for 2 hours in this lush green quiet forest. This state park is located right beside of Upper Sakatah Lake where the lake appears bigger than the park. There is a 39-mile bike trail called Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail that cuts across this state park connecting Faribault and Mankato.

The narrow Wahpekute Trail. The Wahpekute Indians, one of the 7 primary divisions of the Dakota, were the earliest occupants of the region around Faribault.
Sakatah Lake State Park
Overlooking Upper Sakatah Lake. At this time of year, the water is green due to significant algae growth.
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